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Write for Us

You can submit your guest post proposal at guestpost@katrinarussell.com

You have something to say about love, relationships or sexuality? KatrinaRussell.com accept guest post submission.

How Does It Work?

We accept any subject that has a link with the three main topics we cover: love, relationship and sexuality. If you have an idea of a topic, you can send your pitch via email at guestpost@katrinarussell.com. If your text is already written, you can also sent it directly as a draft to this address.

I will then review the pitch or the draft. Note that I charge a small fee for the editorial process payable via PayPal. This fee is reimbursable, so if your text doesn’t match our editorial criteria, we will refund you. You can write at the email address above to have more information about the editorial fee.

If your pitch is approved, you can send your draft. Once the draft is approved, we will publish it withing the next five business days.

Please, before sending your draft, read our editorial policy and make sur that your text complies.

Editorial Policy

Any draft that does not respect those points will be rejected.

  • Guest posts must be about love, relationship or sexuality. We do accept posts that are treating one of those subject indirectly. For example, if your text is about astrology, but it mention how your zodiac sign affect your relationship, then it’s considered on-topic.
  • Guest posts, and links included in a guest post, must not promote any form of discrimination, hate speech or animosity toward the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
  • Guest posts must treat sexuality with an open-mind and in an sex-positive manner
  • Guest posts must not be pornographic in nature. Pornography can be treated as a subject, but the goal of the post isn’t to show pornography, but discuss it. Therefore, no NSFW images or videos are allowed, and all NSFW links must be identified as such.
  • Guest posts, and links included in a guest post, must respect the scientific consensus. We accept controversial subjects as long as they are not falsely presented as scientific fact.
  • If you use images in your guest post, you must have the right to use the image.
  • Every links included in a guest post need to respect the link policy (see below)

Link Policy

We accept dofollow in-text links as long as the links are informational, relevant to the subject, they add something to the text, and they respect our editorial policy. As stated in our policy, links must not point to questionable websites.

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