Love in the Workplace – Maintaining Ideal Work-life Balance

“People are weird. When we find someone with a weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.”

– Dr. Seuss

This quote has not only been an inspiration for many but has also become more of a go-to line to justify falling in love at the most unexpected places. Love is a feeling which can blossom at any place without any intimation. Office romance, thus, is not at all uncommon. Several couples in today’s time have met because of work, and their relationships have turned out to become remarkably successful. This is true across industries and professions.

For example, we have seen celebrity couples falling in love with each other while making a cinema or a series and then getting married later after months of courtship! As a human being, what you are expected to do, at the end of it all, is to be open to the idea of love and not close yourself out of the surroundings to focus on work.

“You know what’s sexy? A real conversation!”

The atmosphere at most an office ends up having a group of single people with similar interests in a confined area to work together. According to psychology experts all over the world, it is not uncommon to fall in love with a co-worker when you are spending considerable time of your day with him or her, having open conversations, and working. Ever remember the feeling of seeing this one person at office everyday and feeling your heart beat faster? Or maybe the fact that you know every single dress the person owns and can even recognize them from a whiff of their perfume? That is exactly what I am talking about.

Most of you might not have everything in common, but the mind works in the weirdest ways. The communication and clarity of thoughts when you are working together is always a turn-on. If you are on the same team, celebratory lunch or dinner, and even parties can bring you closer to each other. If something like this happens, my advice? Go with the flow!

In a Relationship with a Co-Worker!

Once you are sure that this is the person you want to pursue, you need to ensure that the relationship doesn’t interfere with your professional life. You need to first see if the

person you have developed feelings for feels the same for you or not. IF and ONLY IF the answer is yes, you should go ahead with nurturing your feelings. Or else, you must discourage your heart from thinking about it or moving forward. You should also learn how to handle breakups gracefully.

A huge reason why office relationships are discouraged because most people think that it might affect the quality of work. Well, quite frankly, it is more about how you handle the situation than anything else. I have, thus, taken the liberty to jot down a few points, which can make such a relationship strong!

1. The Company Policies: There are a vast number of companies that prohibit dating a co-worker. So, make sure you double-check the company policies before you begin the relationship. Based on those same rules, you may also be asked to sign a contract and inform other co-workers about your relationship.

2. Certainty: Always know at the back of your mind that being in a relationship at the office is a big deal, and that is why you need to be certain that he or she is the one. Ask yourself if you are only attracted because of the intense project you are working on, or does the attraction carry forward to when you are together. Knowing the answers to these questions would help you make a decision that will ultimately affect your relationship.

3. Professionalism: We all know the butterflies of first love. We would want to constantly be around the person we love, touch them or look at them, and that might come in between your professional commitments. Maintaining the office decorum falls as a priority for both of you. Stealing moments where you are looking at each other is fine, but that must never come in between your work. Even if you are sitting beside each other or working on something together, you must not let the romance affect your work. If it, by any chance, ends up affecting your performance and it comes into sight of your peers, you might even be asked to break up or worse, leave the job.

4. Power Play: NEVER EVER BE BIASED! Always note that once your colleagues get a whiff of the fact that there is an office romance brewing, they will try their best to find out the bias in your work towards each other. Don’t let them fool you. That is why it is always recommended that you do not date someone in a higher-or-lower position (the chain of command/hierarchy), or else it might affect your work quo. However, since these things come unannounced, you might fall in love with someone in a different position, so just ensure that you have your professional and personal life apart.

Two Can Play a Game!

While you keep all of these things in mind when it comes to your professional stance, you would also have to live up to the expectations out of a relationship. Maintaining the ideal work/life balance is crucial, and you must learn the correct trick to the trade. You may often find both of you talking about the project you are working on at the office when you are alone. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

It is always recommended not to take office-work at home when it is not necessary. This can take a toll on your mental health and thereby hurt your relationship as well. Yes, if you are living together, discussing the project for some time as you return home is normal. But when you have only a limited time with each other after office, you would want to utilize the time to strengthen your bond as a couple.

You have to prioritize your responsibilities and divide your time equally. Make the most of the limited time you get with each other. Plan surprises for the other and see their reactions. You can also buy sex toys online and plan a beautiful night to make your relationship spicier.

What Happens in Office Stays in Office!

When you are thinking of making your bond more powerful, you must always remember a few things. The most common mistake made by people in an office romance is that of bringing their fight over a trivial office matter at home. NEVER DO THAT!

When you have logged off from your office and stepped out of the premises, you are a couple with other goals in life. You cannot let the feelings at office bring down the moments you were otherwise going to spend with your partner and vice versa. You cannot let a fight in your relationship manage the whole day you spend together at the office.

Understanding each other’s scope of work and the pressure that comes with it is crucial to ensure that the relationship is long-lasting. You cannot expect your partner to leave the office at the same time as you every day. Two separate individuals have their own set of work at the office, and their pressure might differ as well. Forcing your expectations on the other and telling them that when you could get off early, why not them is just not ethical in a relationship.

One of the significant benefits of an office romance is having someone to talk to at all times. In an office environment, it is not uncommon for people to feel bad or have a rough day. Being by your partner’s side and understanding their side of the story is what makes your relationship unique.

To summarize it all, office relationships are beautiful, and you need to be brave enough to surpass all unwanted comments and do what your heart desires. When you do, however, you need to see it to the end and make both your professional and personal life flourish with no complaints. Love is an excellent feeling, and you need to embrace it whenever cupid strikes!

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