Sex Chat to Quench Your Sexual Appetite

Sex chatting is an excellent way to quench your sexual appetite. It’s fun to engage with your partner (if you have one), friends with benefits, or even strangers. Sex chat, much like phone sex, can feel like a throwback to earlier times. If the sound of your dial-up Internet connecting turns you on, chances areContinue reading “Sex Chat to Quench Your Sexual Appetite”

Pretty Penetrations: How the Styles of Sex Toys Have Changed

Sex toys have come a long way—and that’s an understatement. Can you believe that once upon a time, sex toys were made with men in mind? As you’ll see, they weren’t marketed to women until the late 1900s. Let’s take a look at where we started to gauge how far we’ve come. Treating Hysteria RumorsContinue reading “Pretty Penetrations: How the Styles of Sex Toys Have Changed”

Psychic Soulmate Readings Explained By a Psychic Advisor

Recently, I have become more and more interested in psychic readings. Recently, a close friend participated in a soulmate psychic reading session. She sought advice from a psychic advisor for relationship advice. She came out of the meeting fulfilled and in peace. Impressed by the session’s effects, I decided to dig deeper into the subject.Continue reading “Psychic Soulmate Readings Explained By a Psychic Advisor”

Signs They Aren’t in the Relationship for the Right Reasons

Is your relationship on the right track? It’s sometimes hard to tell. That said, you deserve to know whether your partner is committed to you. A relationship can only prosper when both parties are in things for the love and happiness your situation brings you. You’re wasting your time otherwise. Here are seven signs thatContinue reading “Signs They Aren’t in the Relationship for the Right Reasons”

7 Ways to Help Your Significant Other Through Addiction

Addiction can be a difficult journey for anyone, and it can be heart wrenching to watch someone you love go through it. When that person is your partner, you may have a particularly difficult time watching them go through the trials and tribulations of their addiction up close. While you can’t magically fix everything forContinue reading “7 Ways to Help Your Significant Other Through Addiction”

Long Distance Relationship Based on our Google Search History

Some say we are the sum of our experiences; I think we’re the sum of our Google search history. Well, maybe not literally, but our search history tells a lot about ourself. Our questions, our doubts, our problems, we entrust it all to Google. That’s why I like Google Trends, Google’s tool to explore worldwideContinue reading “Long Distance Relationship Based on our Google Search History”

9 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship (LDR) can be like turbulent waters, but does it have to be? With the following tips, you can navigate these waters and come out unscathed. Set couple goals Any LDR will suffer without a well-defined purpose in view. What exactly are you both doing? At what relationship stage do you plan toContinue reading “9 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship”

The Emotional Stages of Long Distance Relationships

Human relationships are as complicated as anything can be; whether it’s a platonic relationship between people of the opposite sex, a BFF-type relationship, a relationship between siblings, or a romantic relationship, they can all get out of control. But of all the different types of human relationships, one of the easiest to spiral out ofContinue reading “The Emotional Stages of Long Distance Relationships”