Sex Chat to Quench Your Sexual Appetite

Sex chatting is an excellent way to quench your sexual appetite. It’s fun to engage with your partner (if you have one), friends with benefits, or even strangers. Sex chat, much like phone sex, can feel like a throwback to earlier times. If the sound of your dial-up Internet connecting turns you on, chances areContinue reading “Sex Chat to Quench Your Sexual Appetite”

Pretty Penetrations: How the Styles of Sex Toys Have Changed

Sex toys have come a long way—and that’s an understatement. Can you believe that once upon a time, sex toys were made with men in mind? As you’ll see, they weren’t marketed to women until the late 1900s. Let’s take a look at where we started to gauge how far we’ve come. Treating Hysteria RumorsContinue reading “Pretty Penetrations: How the Styles of Sex Toys Have Changed”