Psychic Soulmate Readings Explained By a Psychic Advisor

Recently, I have become more and more interested in psychic readings. Recently, a close friend participated in a soulmate psychic reading session. She sought advice from a psychic advisor for relationship advice. She came out of the meeting fulfilled and in peace.

Impressed by the session’s effects, I decided to dig deeper into the subject. So I decided to interview ladyoftheleif, a psychic who does this kind of readings. I asked her all the basic questions to understand how it works and what we should expect from soulmate psychic reading.

What Is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings are attempts to discern information using tools of divination like cards or crystal balls. One of the most popular forms of psychic readings right now are tarot readings.

What Are Questions to Ask a Psychic About a Soulmate?

We are all looking for love right? People have used divination for centuries to help them find “the one.” When consulting a psychic or other diviners about a soulmate connection it’s important to consult someone you trust (you can feel it) but it is also extremely important to be intentional about your questions.

It may seem a little counterintuitive at first, but I always urge clients to ask questions that are “self centered.” This means asking questions like: “What do I need to know about my love life?” or “What can I do to accept the love coming into my life?” Sometimes when we get answers that are inconclusive in a reading it’s due to trying to read other people’s energy instead of focusing on what is happening in our own energetic field.

Can a Psychic Tell You if Someone Is Your Soulmate?

I have done readings before where I would get two archetypal counterparts that would come out in the same spread. When that happens in a spread it usually indicates that the two people in question are in alignment with each other. I’ve even done repeat readings where the same two cards would come out multiple times. If you consult a reader who uses Oracle in addition to tarot, the oracle cards could also give more insight to the connection. I personally have an oracle deck specifically for love readings that have given me insights on deception, or when your partner simply needs a moment to themselves.

Keep in mind though, it is a popular belief that people can have multiple soulmates in their lives. Our friends can even be soulmates and if you have ever experienced a “best friend” connection then you can most likely attest to that theory. Your reader may be able to read if your relationship is in alignment but just because a person is a “soulmate” it doesn’t mean that the relationship will have longevity or that the relationship is healthy.

Can a Psychic Tell You if Your Ex Is Your Soulmate?

If we are piggybacking off of the information from the previous section, yes your reader could possibly get clarity of what type of connection you had with your ex. Does this mean you should allow your ex to come back into your life? Maybe not.

I have done readings before where my client was represented by the Queen of Cups archetype. Her partner was represented by the Page of Cups. They were counterparts of the same suit, and they had physical compatibility and for the most part enjoyed each other’s company. After a breakup she asked me if he would return to her. I did see him coming back to her but I also saw that he would come back with nothing useful. In that same reading I saw a new energy entering the spread, it was a knight (who is older and more mature than a page) and he had more to offer her emotionally AND physically.

For me, this new energy was better suited to her, so as her reader I felt that it was important to prepare her to receive something newer and healthier rather than waiting around for a relationship that was good, but had run its course. Like clockwork, her ex lover did return (because they always come back right?) and he was the same as he was before he left. There are cases where ex lovers come back with more love to offer, this can be indicated in the reading as well.

So, A Psychic Can Tell You If You’ve Already Met Your Soulmate?

Short answer: yes. I’ve seen in a reading before where my client already knew their romantic soulmate who was an old friend who had recently reconnected with them. This old friend’s energy in the spread indicated that they’d come back with a love offering and because the two were already friends, their transition into romance was easier.

This is also a case where it is wise to be intentional with your questions because your reader could pick up on a soulmate connection that has perhaps run its course if you are focused on an ex. Remember we have multiple soulmates so keep your energy present and specific. A good question to ask would be “What do I need to know about my current relationship?”

Can a Psychic See Your Soulmate?

So I’ve seen a lot of hype lately about “psychics” claiming to be able to “draw” your soulmate. 1. I’ve never seen a positive review of that and 2. If we believe that we have multiple soulmates and we order a drawing of what is essentially a random person, we actually would be shutting ourselves off from love and limiting possible positive experiences based off of something as arbitrary as looks.

So, Can a Psychic Help Me Find My Soulmate?

If you are curious of where your soulmate or potential partner may be, a psychic could definitely give you a read on what they’re up to. I’ve had clients ask me about how they will meet their soulmates or what their soulmate is doing, and I’ve been able to point them in the right direction that way. You’d be surprised at how often we meet soulmates through work, or through involving ourselves in the hobbies we already have. The Divine is always looking to meet us halfway. We also have to remember that our soulmates have their own life paths too! Sometimes they are working to develop themselves as well which is nice to think about.

What is a Psychic Connection Between Soulmates?

“Psychic connection” sounds fancy and mysterious but honestly the connection you have with a soulmate is something you feel and you just know. As I stated before, a good reader or diviner will help you get in tune with your intuition. In my writing about the divine I always want things to be as practical as possible as to not confuse or intimidate my clients.

Are you in tune with this person’s emotions? Do you and this person communicate well? Does this person communicate with you? Can you tell when this person is withholding intimacy or communication? These are all indicators of your connection, but again, these indicators don’t mean things will last forever.

What are the Types of Soulmate Specialists

People have been using divinity to find love for hundreds of years so of course there are many practitioners who will be able to help you. Right now you will most easily be able to find Tarot readers who specialize in love readings. There are also Oracle readers, Intuitive readers (who may use bones, tea leaves, candles, or crystals) to do readings. Also if you are interested in spell work which is arguably more risky and expensive, witches, priestesses/and priests could also aid you in doing spellwork to advance your connection with your soulmate.

How To Prepare for a Psychic Soulmate Reading

The best way to prepare for your Psychic Soulmate Reading is to keep an open mind. Remember, if you have a reader you trust they want the best for you. Your reader may find that someone who will fulfill your heart’s desires is nearby but you may have to let someone go first. Your reading may even indicate the need to do shadow work in order to come into union with a romantic soulmate.

We all want love and it is perfectly normal and beneficial to seek guidance from diviners just as our ancestors have done before us, but magic and divination is often more practical than you’d think. Get in tune with your desires, be open to receiving, and get ready to receive love of all kinds.

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